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You want know something more about history reenactment in Russia if you are reading this page. I, Dmitriy Popov aka Richard Talkirish, shall tell you about the one and only annual winter Festival in Russian reenactors life. It was held in Minsk, Belarus Feb. 18-20 and was named "White Castle 2000".

Richard Talkirish
Baron sir Richard Talkirish, burgomaster of Tozhe Gorod in person.

The organizer of this Festival was "Order of Dragon Heart" of Minsk. It's one of the largest reenactor group in Belarus and Russia, and there are many very young people in it. On the one hand it is not bad - new people mean that history is interesting to young generation. On the other hand for many of them reenaction is only a passing hobby.

Many participants arrived to the Festival, from different cities of Belarus and Russia. There were about 200-300 participants in nearly 30 delegations. It's quite large Festival for both our countries.

Since festival is conducted in winter (with snow and temperature well below zero Celsius), all actions of Festival pass indoors. This distinguishes this Festival from other events.

Feb. 18 - The oficial opening of Festival. All delegations had been presented to spectators. Also there was a small performance presented by the "Order". In the evening there was the Contest of historical costume.

Feb. 19 - The next was dedicated to the Tournament. The rules were to complex to describe them here, so I will tell only about major events.

There were four rounds.

First - the round of ringleaders. Eight ringleaders challenged every one to fight against them. If warrior, who took the challenge, has won the duel, he become a new ringleader. Any participant of first round can accept the challenge only once. During the first round the amount of ringleaders become 10 (due to some disputable duels).

All ringleaders passed into second round. There they divided into two parties - Reds and Whites - and fought new set of duel. Only one party can pass into third round (and 5 Red warriors did it).

In the third part 6 warriors (5 Reds and one more, chosen by lot) had fought in three duels, and three winners entered the last round, where they fight each with each.

Feb. 20 - The last day there were "bohourd" and warrior games. "Bouhourd" is the assault of fortification. It was conducted according to previously developped scenario. All warriors were divided into two groups: Western warriors (attacking) and Litvines (defending) and the battle had begun. Noise of swords and shields filled the Marble Hall. It was the thrilling spectacle!
before bohourd
"Western" group before "bohourd".
The bouhord
The "bohourd". After third attack the fortification was breached and "western" warriors massacred the defenders.

After the "bouhord" the time for warrior games had come. It was Defending of the Passage. Warriors, on one and groups, attack the passage, and other protect it.

Then, there was funny "Scots games" - duels with soft bags and pushing one another on the bar.

Ales and I
The best piper in Belarus - Ales' and your obedient servant RT.

That's it. If you have any questions about Festival or about history reenactment in Russia fell free to e-mail me (talkey@mail.ru). I'll try answer all the questions, but this can take some time ;^)
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Respectfully yours,
Dmitriy Popov aka
Richard Talkirish.

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